Zipperless Luggage

Carly Pace
13 min readJun 18, 2024


Are you tired of lugging around bulky, heavy suitcases with unreliable zippers that never seem to last? Then it’s time to make the switch to zipperless luggage, the innovative solution that combines style, strength, and ease of use. In this roundup, we’ll showcase the top zipperless luggage options on the market and help you find the perfect one to simplify your travels.

The Top 9 Best Zipperless Luggage

  1. Aluminum Hard Shell Alloy Suitcase: Lightweight and Durable Luggage for Travel — Experience the ultimate in security and durability with the FROMLIKE All Aluminum Luggage, featuring keyless, zipperless TSA locks, aviation-grade aluminum alloy, and 360-degree spinner wheels for effortless mobility.
  2. Aluminum Frame Zipperless Carry-On Luggage — 36L Capacity — Experience hassle-free travel with the LUGGEX Hard Shell Carry On Luggage, a 36L zipperless suitcase featuring an aluminum frame, spinner wheels, and secure closure, perfect for your next adventure.
  3. Andiamo Zipperless Luggage with TSA Lock and 8-Rolling Spinner — Lightweight Ruby Color — Experience the luxurious feel of ruby-inspired design with the Andiamo Classico Zipperless 20-inch Hardside Carry-On Bag, featuring an 8-rolling spinner for effortless mobility and a lightweight construction.
  4. LEVEL8 Carry On Luggage: Modern, Zipperless, and Lightweight — Experience ultimate convenience and security with the LEVEL8 Zipperless Carry On Luggage, featuring an industrial design, spacious interior, and a lightweight polycarbonate hard shell, perfect for your next 1–4 day trip.
  5. Level8 Aluminum Zipperless Suitcase — Experience the ultimate combination of style, durability, and functionality with LEVEL8’s zipperless aluminum luggage featuring TSA locks, whisper-quiet spinners, and maximum carrying capacity.
  6. Enkloze X1 Carbon Black Carry-On Spinner Luggage — TSA Approved Zipperless — Experience the perfect blend of style and durability with the Enkloze X1 Carbon Black 21" Carry-On Spinner, featuring a functional laptop compartment, TSA-approved locks, and ultra-quiet wheels.
  7. LUGGEX Stylish Zipperless Carry-on Luggage — Elevate your travel game with the LUGGEX Zipperless Hard Shell Luggage, featuring a wide handle design and multiple compartments for organized and hassle-free travel.
  8. Zipperless Hybrid Check-In Large Luggage — Champagne — Experience the ultimate blend of durability, style, and functionality with the Zipperless Hybrid Check-In Large 30" Luggage, designed for fashion-conscious travelers seeking a versatile and lightweight companion.
  9. Samsonite S’Cure Zipperless Spinner Luggage — Crimson Red — Experience hassle-free travel with the Samsonite S’Cure Zipperless Spinner Luggage, featuring a sleek design, spacious interior, and effortless portability.

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Aluminum Hard Shell Alloy Suitcase: Lightweight and Durable Luggage for Travel

The Fromlike All Aluminum Luggage offers a sleek design and impressive durability with its 5-series Aluminum-magnesium Alloy frame. This hard shell suitcase boasts a zipperless and TSA-approved combination lock system to keep your belongings secure.

Double bearing spinner wheels ensure 360-degree mobility, allowing for effortless transportation. The split cases design features separate removable pockets, making cleaning a breeze. Overall, the Fromlike All Aluminum Luggage is a stylish and reliable choice for your travel needs.

Aluminum Frame Zipperless Carry-On Luggage — 36L Capacity

The LUGGEX hard shell carry-on suitcase is a reliable and stylish option for travelers who demand durability and convenience. I’ve used this luggage for quite some time now and let me tell you, it’s been a game-changer for me. The 20-inch carry-on size fits perfectly into overhead compartments on airplanes, making it super convenient to pack all the essentials without worrying about extra fees.

One of my favorite features is the zipperless closure system. It may sound simple, but it’s not just convenient, it’s crucial for peace of mind. The simple push-button lock guarantees a hassle-free travel experience, eliminating the annoyance of jammed zippers during airport security checks.

The suitcase boasts a robust construction of thickened polycarbonate, reinforced with an aluminum alloy frame. This combination provides not just the look, but also the strength that withstands damage and deformation, even in the harshest of travel conditions.

The interior layout is well thought out, with multiple pockets and compartments catering to different storage needs. It’s been a lifesaver when it comes to organizing my belongings, making it a breeze to pack and unpack.

One more feature I appreciate is the convenient hook design on the side. It allows me to hang my personal belongings when needed, keeping my hands free during my travels. And the smooth, silent wheels ensure I can maneuver my luggage with ease and without disturbing anyone around me.

Overall, the combination of durability, ease of use, and design make the LUGGEX hard shell carry-on luggage a must-have for any frequent traveler.

Andiamo Zipperless Luggage with TSA Lock and 8-Rolling Spinner — Lightweight Ruby Color

Recently, I had the pleasure of using the Andiamo Classico Suitcase with a built-in TSA lock. This 20-inch hardshell carry-on bag made traveling a breeze. Its sleek design, combined with the vibrant ruby red color, stood out in the baggage claim area, making it easy to spot.

What really caught my attention was its zipperless construction, adding a touch of elegance to the luggage while also making it more secure. The bag’s dimensions are perfectly suited for most airlines, ensuring it fits easily into the overhead bin.

However, the bag isn’t without its drawbacks. While I appreciate the 8-rolling spinner system, it sometimes felt a bit heavy to maneuver, especially when navigating through the airport terminal. This lightweight luggage, made of ABS+PC material, feels sturdy but could be a bit more manageable in tight spaces.

Overall, this Andiamo Classico Suitcase offers a perfect blend of style, security, and functionality — a must-have for any travel enthusiast.

LEVEL8 Carry On Luggage: Modern, Zipperless, and Lightweight

I took Level8’s modern, industrial-style luggage with me on a road trip, and I was really impressed by its sleek design. The hard-shell casing ensured my belongings stayed organized with the smart dry wet separation feature, allowing me to keep everything tidy. But what really caught me off guard was its lightweight nature — despite its aluminum frame, it was so incredibly light, making it perfect for those week-long trips.

The zipperless feature was a game-changer as well, providing an added sense of security for all those precious items inside. All-in-all, this carry-on luggage is a dream to travel with.

Level8 Aluminum Zipperless Suitcase

Introducing the LEVEL8 Aluminum Luggage, a sleek and durable carry-on suitcase crafted with Aerospace-grade aluminum magnesium alloy. This innovative luggage boasts a unique zipperless design, ensuring your belongings are kept safe throughout your travels with its dual TSA-approved locks. The LEVEL8 Gibraltar Aluminum luggage is not just about style, but also about functionality, showcasing a perfect blend of intelligence, confidence, and maturity in its design.

One of the standout features is the ultra-quiet 360° durable spinner wheels, which provide smooth rotation and protect your hands from pinching or noise. The removable dividers offer an extra touch of organization, making it easier to pack and pack more efficiently for your trips. The LEVEL8 Gibraltar Aluminum luggage comes with a 4-piece organizer bag set, making it a versatile and practical choice for any traveler.

This high-quality aluminum luggage is perfectly suited for most aircraft overhead compartments, featuring a 20-inch size. Users have praised the luggage for its ease of maneuverability and durable construction, making it a top pick for those looking for a reliable and functional carry-on. While it may add a few extra pounds to your luggage weight, the LEVEL8 Aluminum Luggage is a great investment for any avid traveler looking for a stylish and durable companion for their adventures.

Enkloze X1 Carbon Black Carry-On Spinner Luggage — TSA Approved Zipperless

The Enkloze X1 Carbon Black Carry-On is a stylish and sturdy luggage option for the modern traveler. With a 100% polycarbonate shell and an aluminum frame, you’ll be confident in its durability during all your journeys.

The front loading laptop compartment offers ample space for your laptop and other essentials, while interior dividers, X-bands, and pockets help keep everything organized. For added security, the luggage features two TSA-approved locks with a key provided, ensuring your belongings are safe.

Plus, the low-noise Hinomoto wheels and carbon fiber print give it a distinguished look. This bag also offers a three-stage height adjustable pull-rod for extra support. Overall, the Enkloze X1 is a reliable and chic carry-on option that’s perfect for frequent flyers.

LUGGEX Stylish Zipperless Carry-on Luggage

Last month, I embarked on a long-awaited overseas trip, and I knew I needed luggage that could handle the task. That’s when my dear friend recommended the LUGGEX Wide Handle Carry On Luggage — a white beauty with a zipperless design and enough space to fit everything I needed.

As soon as I laid eyes on this luggage, I knew it was the one for me. It looked so sleek and chic, almost too good to be true. But when I opened it, I was pleasantly surprised to find multiple pocket compartments that helped me stay organized on the go. The wet/dry separation feature also came in handy, ensuring my clothes and toiletries stayed clean and separate.

Despite its size, the luggage fit perfectly into the overhead compartment on my flight, making airport check-ins a breeze. The wide handle made it easy to maneuver through the hustle and bustle of the airport, and the zipperless design gave me peace of mind knowing my belongings were secure.

But like any product, there were a few minor drawbacks. For one, if I had to choose between squeezing in an extra pair of shoes or using the luggage’s full capacity, I would have to squeeze those shoes a little harder. The luggage’s weight was also a bit of an issue when I had to carry it for extended periods, but that’s something I was willing to overlook for its many other benefits.

Overall, the LUGGEX Wide Handle Carry On Luggage was an excellent addition to my travel gear, and I’m grateful to have it with me on my trip. Its sleek design, convenient features, and secure zipperless design make it a winner in my book.

Zipperless Hybrid Check-In Large Luggage — Champagne

I recently got my hands on the Hybrid Check-In Large from Monos Suitcases & Travel Accessories, and let me tell you, it’s been a game-changer in my travels. The first thing that struck me about this luggage is how durable it feels. The hard polycarbonate shell and anodized aluminum corner guards make it virtually unbreakable, which is a relief when you’re constantly on the go.

Maneuvering through crowded airports and busy streets has never been easier with this zipperless luggage. The whisper-quiet wheels glide smoothly across any terrain, making it such a breeze to handle. I love the fact that it’s not just lightweight, but also spacious with a volume of 97 L. The interior measurements make it perfect for all my clothes and essentials, ensuring I never have to leave anything behind.

The colour-matched components, from the handle down to the wheels, give it a sophisticated and refined look that has turned heads during my travels. It’s even more appealing knowing that it’s constructed with aerospace-grade, water-resistant polycarbonate hard shell made from partially recycled materials.

I was initially a bit skeptical about the compartments, but they’ve made packing a breeze. Everything stays exactly where I left it, no more shifting of belongings when I open the luggage. The compartments also come with a divider and dual compression straps for added organization.

The luggage tag, laundry bag, and shoe bag are great additions, adding a personal touch to the luggage. I do wish the cover came with the luggage too, as it’s easy to get scratches on the beautiful finish.

One feature that definitely stands out is the adjustable telescopic handle with 4 height settings, making it easy to maneuver for all my travels. The 360° spinner wheels also make it effortless to navigate through busy airports.

However, the main downside I’ve found is that it isn’t as portable as I expected. The dimensions, when including wheels, handle, bumpers, and TSA locks, take up a significant amount of space, which can be quite inconvenient when trying to fit it into smaller storage spaces.

Despite a few minor issues, the Hybrid Check-In Large from Monos has truly become my trusted travel companion. Its durability, portability, and ease of use have made all the difference in my travels.

Samsonite S’Cure Zipperless Spinner Luggage — Crimson Red

Experience the perfect combination of style and practicality with the Samsonite S’Cure Zipperless Spinner Luggage. This 30-inch crimson red suitcase is not just a travel essential, but a fashion statement that allows you to pack more and explore the world in style. Recessed metal logo plate and exterior mounted handle-system add a touch of sophistication while the full zip divider pad ensures all your belongings are organized and easily accessible.

The spacious interior with a cross-ribbon and divider makes packing a breeze, while the interior pocket keeps your essentials easily manageable during travel. The 4 wheel design ensures efficient and comfortable maneuverability, while the TSA 3-dial combination recessed lock provides added security for your valuables.

Travelers will appreciate the lightweight yet durable integrated multi-stage aluminum pull handle, and the suitcase is available in aqua blue, black, and crimson red for a touch of personality. With a capacity for a multitude of belongings and features designed with the needs of frequent travelers in mind, the Samsonite S’Cure Zipperless Spinner Luggage is a must-have for any adventurer.

Buyer’s Guide

Welcome to our comprehensive guide on Zipperless luggage. In this section, we’ll discuss the essential features, considerations, and advice to help you make an informed decision when selecting the perfect zipperless luggage for your travels.

Types of Zipperless Luggage

Zipperless luggage comes in various designs, but the most common types include tote bags, duffels, and wheeled suitcases. Tote bags are perfect for short trips and can easily be converted into a shopping bag. Duffels have a more casual style, making them ideal for outdoor activities or weekend getaways. Wheeled suitcases offer convenience, durability, and ample storage space for extended trips.

Material Choices

When choosing zipperless luggage, the material plays a crucial role in its durability and functionality. Common materials include canvas, nylon, and leather. Canvas is sturdy and practical, while nylon is lightweight and easy to clean. Leather, on the other hand, exudes elegance and durability while requiring proper care to maintain its condition.

Capacity and Storage

The capacity and storage of zipperless luggage should align with your travel needs. Make sure to consider the types of items you’ll be packing, such as clothing, shoes, and toiletries. For short trips, a smaller tote bag or duffel might suffice, while extended vacations or business trips may require a larger wheeled suitcase. Look for features like multiple compartments, internal pockets, and external straps to optimize storage and organization.

Comfort and Ease of Use

While the design and durability of zipperless luggage are essential, comfort and ease of use should not be overlooked. For wheeled suitcases, ensure they have smooth rolling wheels and a comfortable handle. Tote bags and duffels should be lightweight and comfortable to carry, with adjustable straps for added convenience. Consider the size and weight restrictions of your mode of transportation and ensure the luggage you choose meets these requirements.


What is Zipperless Luggage?

Zipperless Luggage refers to a type of luggage that does not use a traditional zipper closure. Instead, these bags typically use alternative closure mechanisms like buckles, Velcro, or magnetic fastenings to secure the bag’s contents. This design choice aims to provide a sleeker, more stylish appearance while also providing ease of access and convenience.

These bags are often made from high-quality materials and may feature other innovative design elements, such as expandable compartments or multiple pockets for better organization. They are typically more expensive than their traditional zippered counterparts but can offer a unique and aesthetically pleasing alternative for travelers.

What are the benefits of Zipperless Luggage?

Zipperless Luggage offers several advantages over traditional zippered bags. Firstly, the absence of a zipper means there are fewer components that can break or malfunction, reducing the likelihood of damage during travel. Additionally, the closure mechanisms tend to be more convenient and easier to use than traditional zippers, allowing for quicker access to the luggage contents.

The sleek design of zipperless luggage is another benefit. These bags often have a more contemporary look and feel, which may appeal to fashion-conscious travelers. Furthermore, some zipperless luggage options incorporate innovative features like expandable compartments, making them more versatile and adaptable for different trip needs.

Are Zipperless Luggage bags more durable than traditional zippered bags?

Zipperless Luggage bags are generally more durable than traditional zippered bags because they do not have the same mechanical components prone to wear and tear. Instead of a zipper, they use other types of closure mechanisms, such as buckles, Velcro, or magnetic fasteners, which tend to be more resilient.

It is essential to consider the quality of materials used in both zipperless and zippered luggage when comparing their durability. High-quality materials, like ballistic nylon or leather, can make both types of bags more durable and resistant to damage. Ultimately, the durability of a luggage bag will depend on the specific brand and model chosen.

What are some common types of closure mechanisms used in Zipperless Luggage?

There are several types of closure mechanisms commonly found in Zipperless Luggage bags, including buckles, Velcro, and magnetic fasteners. Buckles are a common choice for many luggage brands because they offer a secure and reliable closure that is easy to use. Velcro is another popular option, as it can be easily fastened and unfastened without the need for manual dexterity.

Magnetic fasteners may also be used in zipperless luggage bags. These rely on strong magnets to hold the bag closed, providing a seamless and aesthetically pleasing closure without the need for additional hardware. Some zipperless luggage bags even combine different closure mechanisms for added versatility and convenience.

Are Zipperless Luggage bags more expensive than traditional zippered bags?

Yes, zipperless Luggage bags are generally more expensive than traditional zippered bags. This is because they often feature innovative designs, superior materials, and state-of-the-art closure mechanisms that set them apart from more standard luggage options. Additionally, the absence of a zipper requires manufacturers to invest in researching and developing alternative closure methods, which can contribute to the higher cost.

However, it is essential to consider the long-term value and durability of zipperless luggage when comparing prices. These bags are designed to be more robust and resilient than traditional zippered bags, meaning they may last longer and require less maintenance over time, potentially offsetting the initial investment.

What are some features to look for when choosing a Zipperless Luggage bag?

When choosing a Zipperless Luggage bag, it is essential to consider the bag’s overall design, material quality, and features. Some key features to look for include expandable compartments, multiple pockets for organization, and high-quality materials like ballistic nylon, leather, or polycarbonate for durability and protection against wear and tear.

Additionally, consider the closure mechanism used in the luggage bag. Some zipperless luggage bags may use a single closure method, while others may combine multiple methods for added convenience and security. Also, consider any specific design elements or brand reputation that may influence your purchase decision.

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